It was another of those Monday evenings when I was home alone, my wife was at the gym and I’d managed to get the kids off to bed with minimal fuss. I knew that dinner was going to include potatoes, but I just didn’t know how I was going to cook them. I’d attempted a rösti once in dim distant past, so decided that it was about time I had another crack at one.

A quick search on the internet turned up Felicity Cloake’s Guardian column on How to cook the perfect rösti, which seemed like a good place to start. As I didn’t have time to let them cool, I decided to go against her advice and didn’t cook my potatoes first. As you can see from the photos, I ruined a tea towel as I was ringing out all the moisture after grating them, just make sure you use a strong one.

I probably used a bit too much olive oil and I definitely used too much butter when I flipped the rösti after cooking the first side. I tried to mop up the excess with a sheet or two of kitchen paper, but it did feel a touch on the oily/buttery side when it came to be eaten. And nice eating it was too, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, I was quite pleased for a first attempt.

I’ve had a rösti for dinner another couple of times since this first attempt. The second one wasn’t as good, I’m not sure it was any different, but it just didn’t feel as good. The third one, which I had just the other night, was by far the best I’ve made. I used three potatoes, so it was quite thick, but there was no problem with it holding together as it cooked.

All three have used raw potato, I’ve not parboiled and to be honest, I don’t see the point, as that would really require me to decide the night before that I was going to have one. The first two both used butter and/or olive oil, the third solely used ghee and was the driest and least greasy of the three. This may have been due to there being more potato to soak it all up though. I didn’t season the first two, at least I can’t remember seasoning them. With the third one, I ground some pepper and salt onto the raw potato after I’d grated it though.

I like having a rösti for tea, it’s definitely something you can experiment with each time.

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