Hot Cross Buns

On the same day I made Queen Fairy Cakes with my daughter, I also made Hot Cross Buns with my son. We get through quite a few packets of shop bought ones, they appear to be a favorite with the rest of the family, so we had to have a bash at trying to make our own. The KitchenAid takes all the hard work out of doing something like this, which I find can be quite useful in keeping the kids engaged, as they don’t have to spend ten minutes getting bored of kneading.

The recipe, from the Bread: River Cottage Handbook No. 3 book, was pretty straight forward, but unlike Paul Hollywood’s The Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass ones, they didn’t have mixed peel in them. Personally, I don’t think you can omit the mixed peel, it’s what makes a hot cross bun for me. We did have a bash at doing Paul’s version the next weekend, but that’s probably worthy of another blog.

The main issue with these ones though wasn’t the lack of the mixed peel, but the piping of the cross onto each of the buns, what a nightmare! In retrospect, the flour and water mixture was far too wet, so it just went everywhere, I’ll make sure it’s much, much thicker next time. We also used some homemade bramble jelly, rather than apricot jam, for the glaze. It was OK, but I think sieved marmalade would have worked really well, especially if the buns had had mixed peel in them.

They were OK, totally different from the shop bought ones. While I think they that we could maybe have cooked them for slightly less time, they were still pretty tasty for a first attempt. The kids seemed to devour them pretty sharpish anyway…

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