Kale Crisps

I like Kale, but sometimes a big bag doesn’t quite get consumed before what’s left turns a bit manky. One way to make use of a whole bag, or some leftovers, is to make some Kale Crisps, our kids love them, even though they’ll hardly touch it when it’s on their dinner plate. They’re very easy to make, if you have a dehydrator. If you don’t then, shove them in your oven on the lowest setting* it’ll go and keep your eye on them, as they’ll probably dry out a bit quicker.

All you need to do is separate the thick stems from the leaves and discard. Either rip, or chop the leaves into large (ish) chunks and just coat in some olive oil. You can sprinkle a tiny bit of really fine salt on them if you wish, but they turn out quite salty anyway, so it’s up to you. Shove them into the dehydrator and set it to a temperature somewhere in the forties (it depends if you want them to be raw or not) and leave overnight. In the morning give them a onceover, they may need longer, they may be ready, just leave them in until they’re crisp.

They’re quite powerful, so while a small amount goes a long way, they’re rather moreish and won’t last long!

* Yes, I’m aware that you can cook them in the oven at 180°C, or even deep fry them, so it’s up to you, do whatever is easiest…

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  1. Hi, it looks very nice but can you please tell how long does it take for Kale Crisps to be ready and served? Approximate time frame from start to finish? Thanks

    1. With this batch, I think I started them in the evening and left them in the dehydrator overnight. It really depends on the moisture content of the bunch of kale you’re using though, as each batch takes a slightly different time. Just keep checking them and take them out when they’re ready.

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