Thoughts on Rösti

A rather nasty rösti...

I’ve been on holiday recently, which is one of the reasons for a lack of posts, the other is a lack of enthusiasm for writing at the moment; more on that in another post. I thought I’d try and get back into the swing of things, with a few notes about my further adventures in cooking rösti:

  • I cooked a rösti the other night, but as we had no butter in the house, I used only olive oil. This resulted in an oily, unsatisfying taste. I also forgot to season the thing, which really didn’t help. So always season your tatties and always use some butter to ensure a better tasting end result.
  • I tried to make a really thick rösti a few months ago; I cooked it inside a ring, so it would look nice. It didn’t cook evenly all the way through though, as it was too thick. I ended up having to baste the top of it with the butter/oil mix, so that all of it cooked through. This all meant that it ended up as a large lump of greasy half cooked grated potato. It wasn’t very nice, just look at it in the photo above! So don’t make your rösti too thick.

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