Chard and Saffron Omelettes

Chard and Saffron Omelettes

I’ve been meaning to post about this Yotam Ottolenghi Chard and Saffron Omelettes recipe for ages. It’s more of an observation than anything else, but possibly the continuation of a rant I started when going on about Maria Elia’s Ginger Beer-Battered Stuffed Tofu with Asian Mushy Peas.

I get quite annoyed when I follow a recipe and what I produce is nothing like the photo in the book. As far as I’m concerned, if I’m following a set of instructions, what they result in, should look like the end result that is displayed in the book. My current annoyance is with fillings, as I’ve absolutely no idea how you’re supposed to fold these omelettes into quarters and keep either the filling inside them, or stop them falling to bits.

I’ve made this recipe more than once and either the omelettes disintegrate the moment you try and fold them, or you can’t fit anywhere near a quarter of the filling into them and then fold them into a quarter. It might just be my overly perfectionist nature, but that really pisses me off.

Other than that, these are plenty tasty, especially when made with chard out of the garden.

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