Rowanberry Jelly

Rowanberry jelly on toast.

Is it Rowanberry or Rowan Berry? Either Way, they make a gorgeous jelly, which is quite possibly my favorite of the Autumnal preserves that I make.

I made my first batch about three years ago, but there were so few berries left on the tree in the front garden, that it only made three 227g jars. Each year since, I managed to make a bit more, but I’ve always had to mix the red and yellow berries that our tree produces, to make the weight up. This year was different though, as the tree, or trees, as there must be two coming out the ground at the same point to get two different berries, was absolutely dripping with them. I popped out one evening and picked in the region of 5Kg, without having to get my ladder out to reach those higher up in the tree. This meant that for the first time, I had enough berries to make a batch solely from each of the red and yellow berries.

As I’d picked more yellow berries than red, I decided to start off with a batch of those. I was pleasantly surprised to find it passing the crinkle test at the first time of asking; it felt like I’d only been boiling it for about five minutes. So obviously this meant it was slightly overdone and set pretty hard; not quite as hard as the first ever batch I ever made, but hard enough to not really wobble. Batches 1, 2 & 3... I wasn’t overly impressed with the colour either, I thought it wasn’t quite what it should have been.

The next two batches, one of just red berries and another of just yellow berries, passed without incident. Both took about the expected time to reach setting point and had a nice wobble about them. The colour of each wasn’t bad either, especially when held up to a bright light; really showing off the colour of the berries used nicely. I’m quite looking forward to trying them all, to see what the difference is, if any, between the red and yellow berries.

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