Sloe Jelly

Sloe jelly boiling away...

You can do more with the humble sloe than use it to flavour gin. As there was such a glut of them this year, I decided to have a bash at making some sloe jelly.

I ended up making two batches, I didn’t feel the first was particularly good, but the second seemed to turn out much better. The first batch barely set, even though it was easily past setting temperature and took on a sort of gelatinous quality. The second batch was more straight forward and set like most of my hedgerow jellies do and wasn’t in the least bit gelatinous. Sloe jelly on toast... I’m not sure what I did differently between the two, maybe I boiled the second one a bit harder and for longer, but they both passed the various setting tests that I used.

I think the thing I noticed most while making both batches, was the colour. It was mega, a really intense deep purpley red and it looked like the contents of some sort of witches cauldron while it was boiling away. Taste wise, you could tell it was made from sloes, it had a touch of that mouth drying thing they do. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad a sucking on one straight off the bush, but it was there and made for an interesting taste experience. I think if you cut down on the sugar a bit more, it would be even more intense, which is maybe something to try next year.

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