Greek Yoghurt, Poached Quince, Honey and Toasted Oats

With a load of leftover poached quince and no bread in the house for breakfast, I decided to whip up something to avoid having to resort to industrial bread.

It was pretty simple really. Empty two small pots of Greek yoghurt into a bowl, top with poached quince, drizzle with honey and chuck some toasted oats on top. It really needed the oats for some texture, as the poached quince are melt in the mouth soft. If I wasn’t addicted to toast and marmalade for breakfast, I could easily see myself eating more of this.

Oh, a quick word about the honey, choose one with a bit of oomph. A light an delicate one isn’t what’s required here, get a good strong chestnut or, other dark and strongly flavoured runny one.

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