Fondant Potatoes


It was one of those nights where my wife is at the gym, so I was cooking for myself. I’d managed to get the kids off to bed and thus had some free time to potter about in the kitchen and have a go at something new for dinner. I can’t remember what I was having, but it involved tatties, which it normally does when I cook for myself, so I decided to have a bash at doing fondant potatoes.

I thought fondant potatoes were just cooked in a frying pan full of butter until ready, but a quick google search to find the exact ingredients indicated otherwise. Both the Hairy Bikers recipe on BBC Food and the Gordon Ramsey YouTube video amongst others all had stock as an ingredient and a cooking phase where it all goes in the oven. Not being one to argue with a recipe until I’ve cooked it a couple of times, I broke out the Marigold Swiss vegetable bouillon powder and got to it.

I think our oven is having some heat issues, as the tatties weren’t quite soft the whole way though after the stated cooking time. So I whacked them on the hob for a minute to get the stock boiling again and stuck them back into the oven for a few more minutes. They were quite nice, not exactly what I was expecting, but definitely something I’ll try cooking again.

You always see them on Masterchef spooning vast quantities of butter over sizzling tatties in a frying pan, I thought that was it!

Practically everything we’ve cooked in the oven recently has required longer than it should have had, or necessitated the usage of a higher temperature setting. I think we need to get it serviced…